Blue strives to improve the strategy, sales and develop effective marketing strategies for businesses across Canada and the USA while also working on personal development within the entrepreneur.




I help clients discover the complex challenges within their business and help them realize unfounded potential to help them lead in their markets. We help build the right strategies and utilize research to aid in making decisive action and achieve sustainable results.

Business and Personal Development

Though, what many don't always understand is that the strong foundation in question, represents the entrepreneur(s) behind the business. In order to have a strong business, a strong entrepreneur is needed as well.

Website Design

Your web design in a reflection of your brand and business. Your website also allows you to reach your clients and customers remotely. Quality web design can make or break that sale or inquiry.


"Chad is a great mentor! We had a consultation call and it was amazing. After the call, I had so much clarity about my business and actual steps to take to help my business grow, and I am so thankful. I would definitely recommend Chad and BCS to other businesses!"

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